2017 Storyline Information

A conflict that began in Iraq as a simple policing action has turned into a massive battle for supremacy in the Middle East.

In Operation Vigilance 12, In Operation Vigilance 12, the existing army of the Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA) will continue to defend itself against the invaders of the Russian Expeditionary Force (REF). Justified to the global community of entering into a war torn land to seek out and secure nuclear weapons, the REF and MEA ground forces will continue to fight for control of the region. With the UN stepping in and out to try to maintain order in the middle east in the past, both sides wish to keep them from trying to step in again. By outsourcing some of their more questionable actions to private contractors, both sides maintain (to some extent) the ability to have plausible deniability when their methods are questioned. Sensing the continued fight and profiteering from the war, Hammer Securities and Dark Matter LTD  have become more involved and offer their services to both sides of the engagement. .

Which side will you be on?