Expeditionary Force

Operation Vigilance 12
Initial success in the REF's campaign in Iran has allowed the Russian ground forces to expand and control several key locations to make the campaign easier. As Russia fights a political war on CNN and other world news media outlets to justify its military action against the MEA, REF forces press on to take the advantage.

Now entrenched in the MEA's home soil, the REF finds itself fully committed to a fight against the MEA's war machine and native populace. Seizing the opportunity to apply pressure, the REF has hired out Hammer Securities to aid in their fight, as well as to take care of things beyond the watchful eye of the media.

In Operation Vigilance 12, the Russian Expeditionary Force is required to wear...

  • Any matching/full TAN BASED uniform. (Uniform Examples: DCU, Desert MARPAT, British Desert, Tan, Desert Tiger Stripe, Desert Flecktarn, Arid ATACS, MultiCam(Not Green Based)
  • Head Gear MUST be tan based as well. (Hat/helmet only. Goggles and facemasks may be any color)
  • Tactical gear (vests, packs, belts, leg rigs) is NOT required to be tan.
  • NOT allowed to wear mismatched or civilian clothing.
  • REF is NOT allowed to wear shemaghs as part of their uniform.
  • NOT allowed to wear black, grey, blue  ACU, ABU or Green based uniforms.
  • Blue Armbands will also be worn to help identify team affiliation.
  • *NOTE: Any “rain gear” MUST match the base color of your team as well


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