Here are the two waivers required for this event.

Lupine Productions Waiver

Apocalypse Paintball Waiver

Players will be able to register in one of two ways; day of game or online pre-reg.

All players will receive a free spaghetti lunch on Sunday (September 3rd) and a giveaway ticket for the prize giveaway after the game. The first 100 players to register will receive a custom printed Operation Vigilance 12 Kill Rag. A portion of every entry fee will be donated to charity!

The most convenient way for you to register for this event is through paypal, online.
Players who register by August 19th, 2017, will pay $40.00 for entry into the game. Players who are able to register early will receive the best price for the entry fee, so pre-register and take advantage of this!

***NOTE: After you pre-register from the event, your email will be added to a list of people for your team. When pre-registration closes on August 19th 2017, you will be emailed a copy of your intel and missions.

***Day of Game***
A player does not have to pre-register before the event in order to play, but registration can take longer and there is no guarantee you will get on the team of your choosing. You can show up the day of the game and register for the event and the cost for this entry is $50.00 per player.

Refund Policy
There are NO REFUNDS for pre-registration! The money brought into the event from pre-registration is spent on props, prizes, and event costs and will not be available for refund. If you are unsure of being able to attend the game, wait until just before or the day of the game to be sure.


*** Pre-Registration is CLOSED ***
Players may still register day-of at the end.