Middle Eastern Alliance

Operation Vigilance 12
With the conflict moving from Iraq to Iran, the MEA finds itself continuing to defend its main territories instead of fighting over another nation's land. The REF blitzkrieg into Iran has forced the MEA to scramble defenses and divert their war machine to another theater. After almost a decade of fighting for control of Iraq, the MEA will continue to repel the REF invaders. Knowing they are backed into a corner, the MEA have hired on Dark Matter LTD to fight alongside them, as well as handle any questionable tasks they need to take care of.

In Operation Vigilance 12, the Middle Eastern Alliance is required to wear...

  • Any matching/full GREEN BASED uniform. (Uniform Examples: Woodland, Woodland MARPAT, British DPM, Olive Drab, Tiger Stripe, Flecktarn, MS90)
  • *NOTE: Realtree or hunter camo is NOT allowed.*
  • Head Gear MUST be green based as well. (Hat/helmet only. Goggles and facemasks may be any color)
  • Shemaghs are HIGHLY encouraged but not required.
  • Tactical gear (vests, packs, belts, leg rigs) is NOT required to be green.
  • NOT allowed to wear mismatched or civilian clothing.
  • NOT allowed to wear black, grey, blue, ACU, ABU, ATACs, MultiCam or Tan based uniforms.
  • Green Armbands will also be worn to help identify team affiliation.
  • *NOTE: Any “rain gear” MUST match the base color of your team as well.


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***NOTE: After you pre-register from the event, your email will be added to a list of people for your team. When pre-registration closes on August 19th 2017, you will be emailed your mission and intelligence packets.