2017 Event Details  

Event Timetable
Check In/Registration/Safety Course
Chrono FPS Limits & Weapon Classifications
Magazine & Rate of Fire Restrictions
Dedicated Commanders / Victory Points / Battlefield Perks
Being Hit, Medic, Casualty Drag, & Bleed Out Rules
Respawn Rules
Vehicle & Helo Rules
Prop & Grenade Rules
Force Uniforms/Markings/Teams/Spec Ops
Event & Field Rules/ Boundaries
Night Game Rules
Eye Safety & Specific Field Rules
Referees, OCs, Hidden OCs
War Crimes
Charity Info
Prize Giveaway
Rental Guns



Event Timetable

Camp setup onsite begins at 4pm on Saturday, September 2nd. Please do not show up earlier than that due to Apocalypse having paintball players onsite the earlier part of Saturday. Night games and small missions will be played out late in the evening and into the night.

Saturday, September 2nd Schedule
4:00 PM - Registration and chrono begins
5:15 PM - Safety Briefing for Minors (Only for under aged players)
5:30 PM - Night Game Brief
6:00 PM - Night Game Brief Ends. Commander's Time Begins (contact commander for info, meetings, etc)
6:50 PM - Chrono Ends. Players move to Start Locations
7:00 PM - Phase 1Begins
10:00 PM - Phase 2 Ends

Sunday, September 3rd Schedule
7:00 AM - Registration and chrono begins
8:15 AM - Safety Briefing for Minors (Only for under aged players)
8:30 AM - Game Brief Begins
9:00 AM - Game Brief Ends. Commander's Time Begins (contact commander for info, meetings, etc)
9:50 AM - Chrono Ends. Players move to Start Locations
10:00 AM - Phase 2 begins
1:00 PM - Phase 2 ends. Lunch begins
1:50 PM - Lunch ends, players move to Start Locations
2:00 PM - Phase 3 begins
5:00 PM - Second phase of game ends
5:20 PM - Victor Announcement, Prize Giveaway, and Awards

***NOTE: We WILL be starting on time, whether players are ready or not.

***NOTE: While "camping" is not allowed onsite, there is nothing stopping a player from "setting up a tent to rest in and store their items during their downtime between 10pm Saturday and 7:00am Sunday". This "resting area" is only allowed away from eye sight of the road. If you would like to "camp", there is a campground near the field.

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Check In / Registration / Safety Course

All players must check-in and register prior to playing in the event. Waivers must be signed, a team chosen, and the entry fee paid. All players are required to bring some form of ID to the game and all underage players (17 years of age or younger) must have the appropriate waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian. The minimum age requirment by any player attending this game is 15 years of age. Any player who is 14 years of age or younger is not allowed to participate in the event unless specific permission is granted by the event coordinator. EMAIL AND ASK, DO NOT ASSUME! Players who arrive on Saturday can check-in and register so they do not have to on Sunday. 


Here are the two waivers required for this event..

Lupine Productions Waivers

Apocalypse Paintball Waiver

***NOTE: All players 17 years of age or younger are considered underage and MUST attend the Underage Safety Brief prior to playing in the event, regardless of experience or past event attendance. (Even if you have been to the field, an event, or even a vigilance event before, if you are under 18 you must attend the brief) Underage players will have their numbers recorded at check in, and their bands marked after the safety brief to ensure they have attended. Do not skip it. If you are found on the field without having attended the brief and you are under 18 years of age, you will be removed from play with no refund. No exceptions. There will be a safety brief both days before the major op briefing to make sure all attend. If you attend the saturday brief you do NOT have to attend the sunday brief. Once your band is marked, you are ready to go. In the event you feel you have missed the briefing, before taking the field talk to a staff member to get you squared away.

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Chrono FPS Limits & Weapon Classifications

All standard airsoft replicas will be measured in Joules with .32g bbs.

  • 1.48J (400fps with .20g) Rifles, SMGs, PDWs, single shot shotguns (non tri-burst). Semi Auto, with minimum 10ft engagement.
  • 1.48J (400fps with .20g) Support/LMG, must be real world equivalent. (No M27 IAR, no shorty RPK, must be legitimate shrike, Krytac LMG is approved). May Go full auto with 25 ft engagement distance.
  • 1.88J (450fps with .20g) DMR must be real world dmr replica with semi auto lock. (415 fps M4 is NOT a DMR, must be true to category, M110, SR25, M14, MK17 etc.) Semi Auto, with a minimum 50ft engagement.
  • 2.81J (550fps with .20g) Sniper/ Bolt action. Must be single shot, 100ft minimum engagement.

Pistols & Shotguns chronoing UNDER 350 fps with 0.20 have no minimum engagement distance. (No need to use a BANG KILL)

Guns will be marked with specific colors and players are required to follow the rules appropriate to their weapon. Everyone must chrono every gun before entering the field and spot checks will be enforced if players are suspected of cheating the FPS rules.

***NEW FOR 2017: Expanded weapon classifications are being implemented this year allowing for more options. Guns will be chrono'd with Joules and 0.32g BBs, minimum engagement distances expanded on, and lower FPS sidearm weapons have NO minimum engagement distance.

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Magazine & Rate Of Fire Restrictions

Players are restricted to SEMI-AUTO for this event unless they have an approved Support/LMG weapon, which may shoot FULL-AUTO. Burst weapons may be used if used with extra care and attention on trigger control.

Players are allowed to carry 1 hi cap magazine (will be marked at game) OR all of the non-winding magazines (low caps, mid caps, standards, etc.) that they wish to carry. Hi caps are not allowed to be passed to other players.

Support/LMG gunners (M249, M60, Shrike, PKM, RPK, MG36, or any other approved support gun) may carry more than 1 hi-cap, and are the only weapons on the field allowed to have box magazines/drum mags/c-mags/etc. Any extra hi-cap magazines carried by support MUST be another box/drum/c-mag/etc. Example: Krytac LMG players may carry extra box mags, but not the standard box mags and a few flash mags. Each support weapon must look and function similar to that of a dedicated support weapon. Simply slapping a box mag on an M4 does not count. If any question, email a description and a picture of your weapon to vigilanceairsoft@gmail.com  

Magazines may be refilled and reloaded anywhere (at your base OR on the field), with no restrictions. DO NOT LITTER!

***NEW FOR 2017: Magazines for weapons are being restricted to 1 Hi-Cap OR the use of as many non-winding magazines as you wish. You can no longer carry 1 Hi-Cap and mid-caps but must choose which one to use instead.

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Dedicated Commanders /Victory Points / Battlefield Perks

Each team will have a dedicated commander. This commander will be in charge of issuing orders, calling in supplies, and communicating with ground troops. If the commander is killed, it will severely hamper the resources of the team. Commanders will know ahead of time what their missions are in order to plan ahead of time and come up with a strategy. Commanders will also be given a set amount of perks, such as helo drops or air strikes, to use at their disposal.

Both teams are attempting to achieve Victory Points; these can be earned by completing side missions, controlling territory during the round war, or retrieving bits of intelligence. Victory Points are used to determine which force is doing better than the other in the war in order to decide a victor.

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Being Hit, Medic, Casualty Drag, & Bleed Out Rules

Players that are struck by a valid shot become hit and are “wounded” and must pull out a red kill an kneel, crouch, or lay at the location they were hit. Anywhere on body or worn gear counts as a hit but gun hits/glancing shots off your gun do not count as a hit. However, guns cannot be used as "shields" and placed in front of you to soak up BBs and will result in you being hit. Ballistic/Riots shields cannot be used to absorb BBs.

There is a 5 minute bleedout, to make attrition set in on the field. Players MUST wait the 5 minutes, on any life (even after being healed twice), but may wait as long as they wish after 5 minutes if they feel they may be healed by a medic. Wounded players may be moved by having a hand placed on their shoulder and walking with the assisting player to simulate being “dragged” or “carried” at fast-walk speed (NO JOGGING OR RUNNING).

Players must carry their OWN approved medical bandages. They will not be provided but some may be available for sale at the event. If you do not have them, you will not be able to be healed. Approved medical bandages are 3ft minimum ace bandages, MSW Tourniquets, or any other approved replica tourniquets. NO REAL TOURNIQUETS, STRIPS OF WHITE CLOTH, OR ANY FORM OF TAPE ALLOWED!

Each team will have a certain number of medics based on their numbers. Medics will be identified with WHITE tape.

-To Heal a player
The medic may approach a “wounded” player and revive them by using the wounded players medical equipment, and begin wrapping it on their arm. Bandages will need to be wrapped and tucked neatly with no extra dangling material, no tying! A medic cannot heal anyone that is not displaying a kill rag, this ensures players are actually using their kill rag. After the bandage/approved medical device is properly secured, this brings the wounded player back into the game. If the same player is hit again, they become “wounded” again, and begin another 5 minute bleedout. A medic may apply a second bandage on the other arm to revive them again. If the player is hit a third time, they are too injured (no more arms to apply bandages onto) and become a “casualty”. They must then wait their 5 minute bleedout, and walk to respawn to return to the game.

-To Heal a Medic
Although medics may not heal themselves while wounded, any player (even non-medics) may assist a medic by applying a bandage onto their arm per the normal healing rules. This is to represent that any soldier may heal a medic because the medic is guiding them through the first aid process.

***NEW FOR 2017: A mandatory Bleed Out time has been added to the event, allowing battlefield attrition to become a larger factor. Players are also required to bring their own bandages for the medics to use and must keep them on themselves in order to be healed. These will NO LONGER BE PROVIDED.

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Bang-Kill, Knife kills, & Respawn Rules

The “Bang-Kill” rule should be used when applicable. If someone is closer than 10 feet and you clearly have the drop on them, you may yell “Bang-Kill” to indicate the kill instead of shooting them. Keep in mind that approved side-arms under 350 fps DO NOT HAVE A MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE and may be shot at less than 10 foot range. This is ONLY applicable if you have a clear line of sight to your target and your weapon trained on them. If not, move to a clear line of sight, or out of the minimum engagement distance for your weapon. This rule is to prevent potential injury. The full phrase "BANG KILL" MUST be said with a weapon trained on the target for it to count. Yelling "Bang!" is NOT ENOUGH. If you are able to successfully do that for multiple targets, it is effective. If you and another player “exchange” the full phrase and sights, you are BOTH dead. OC has a final say in the matter. Do not use this excuse to say “I shot first” etc. It is easier to say you are both dead than get into an argument, which will not be tolerated.

Rubber Knives may be used to "silent kill" an opponent or to finish off a wounded opponent and keep them from being able to be healed by a medic. To do this, simply lightly touch the knife (no striking!) to them and say "Knife kill". This will force them to instantly bleed out and return to their base to respawn.

Players that have been eliminated from play (voluntarily, taking too many wounds, or being killed by knife) must use a kill rag (bright red cloth, rag, towel etc.) to show other players they are dead and must return to their team’s respawn.

A player must also display a kill rag before they may be healed by a medic. If you lose one, you cannot be healed and you should get one when you return to your base!
A player must remove their medical equipment and put it back in their gear before respawning.

Both teams begin with a respawn timer that is every 5 minutes on the hour, so 12 waves of reinforcements will arrive per hour.

***NEW FOR 2017: The Bang kill rules have been updated to require the entire phrase of "Bang-Kill" to be spoken.

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Vehicle & Helo Rules

Although the vehicles add a new element to the game and are just all around cool, they can be very dangerous. No player is to climb on any vehicle without permission and is NEVER allowed to crawl under a vehicle. When a vehicle is moving, do not get in the vehicles way, do not touch the vehicle, and stay 10 feet away from it for safety reasons. Only get in or exit a vehicle while it is parked. All vehicles in the game will be moving very slowly in order to ensure their safe use.

***NOTE: All players who wish to bring a vehicle to the event must have pre-approval to do so. Contact the event organizer via vigilanceairsoft@gmail.com to get confirmation on these details.

Each faction will be allowed 1 vehicle. All vehicles are seen equally. Vehicles will be allowed to take 2 hits. 1st strike disables the vehicle and the 2nd strike kills it.
A hit may come from:

  • An approved launcher using nerf rounds
  • Foam balls out of m203s (no shower shells)
  • TAG rounds (paladins)
  • A grenade detonation that produces a sound effect UNDER the vehicle (thunder b, tornado with sound disc, burst xl, eg67, eg flash grenade)

After a vehicle is “disabled”, the gunner may still fire, and all normal players MUST disembark completely to simulate protecting the vehicle. For the crew, disembarking is optional. If they wish to defend the vehicle it they must get out to engage, but they WILL become vulnerable to small arms fire, driver included. Once disabled, a vehicle that remains stationary and defended for 10 minutes without taking another hit is deemed “repaired” and may then resume movement and full functionality.

A vehicle "crew" is defined  as 3 people, driver/turret gunner/safety passenger. Any more than that are considered normal players. The crew and anyone inside the vehicle (even a truck bed) are INVULNERABLE, but ONLY the turret gunner may fire from the vehicle. If crew or players wish to shoot they must disembark completely and then become vulnerable to normal small arms fire. Because the gunner is invincible they will only be allowed to fire in short, controlled bursts to engage.

On a 2nd hit killing a vehicle there will be an explosion radius about 10-15ft (crew's discretion). If players choose to use it as cover and it takes its second hit, anyone close enough will become injured requiring a medic. Crew will be responsible for telling players if they were injured in the blast or not. Hard cover protects players from an exploding vehicle.

Once a vehicle is destroyed it must wait a 5 minute “burn time” before returning to base to respawn. Vehicles will respawn on the 15 minute marks of every hour (0,15,30,45) as opposed to troop waves every 5 minutes. Protect your armor!

Commanders will have the option to choose if their vehicle is also a Medical Treatment Vehicle in exchange for some of their commander perks. MTV’s will allow players (up to 2 at any time) to sit inside for 3 minutes receiving treatment. After 3 minutes, the player may remove ONE armband that was placed by a medic. If a player wishes to remove 2 bands, they must wait the full 6 minutes. MTV’s follow the same mechanics as normal vehicles.

Vehicle crews will be seen as game staff and will police players around them on the proper mechanics. They have the final say, listen to them, and do not argue. Vehicle crews are there to make it interesting for the rest of the players, do not hinder them by not properly following the rules.”

HELO DROPS (Group of players, 1 OC, designated Helo Rags and a rope with clips)
Although not a vehicle, the mechanic used for the HELO DROP is different and requries an OC and some props to do. A long rope with clips on it will be used to represent this helo, and the passengers may ride on the helicopter to their destination with their "helo rags" exposed to show that they are not currently in play. At this time, the front door gunner and the passengers CANNOT fire upon any other players. Once a landing zone has been found, the players in the helo will let the OC know where they wish to land. The helo will stop and hover over the location and the OC will then tell the door gunner that they may fire. The door gunner is impervious to small arms fire at this time and may engage targets at will but ONLY when the Helo OC has given them permission to fire. The passengers will then slide down the rope with their clips, exit the vehicle through the doorway, and enter the game. The door gunner will be instructed when the ropes are removed and when he enters play, which then he becomes vulnerable to small arms fire. NERF rockets have no effect on a HELO (DO NOT SHOOT AT THE PLAYERS!) but an M203 shower shell shooting BBs may damage a HELO and wound the passengers, gunner included. The OC will indicate the effect of a 203. They will then apply kill rags and begin the bleedout, and hope for a medical revive. Players should take note; if a HELO moves into your area and stops moving and remains stationary, it is probably descending and it will open fire soon... so take cover!

***NEW FOR 2017: Updated vehicle rules to level the playing field. Expanded arsenal to land “hits” on a vehicle. Medical Vehicles are optional based on commander choice. Helo drops will now use specific rags to mark players in flight instead of dead rags.

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Prop & Grenade Rules

Several different kinds of props will be used in the game. Please do not move any props unless you know what they are used for… they may be in place for a different part of the day and if you remove them it may mess up the objectives. (For example, if you see a bomb along the side of the road, please do not move it unless you have specific orders to remove IEDs from the roadway.) Do not disassemble or destroy any props unless you have explicit mission details to do so! Numerous times players think "just breaking it" fixes the situation or completes the mission, and this will result in a points LOSS for your side!

Smoke grenades will be used during the game and are the non-flame producing kind. Nobody other than an OC is allowed to move a smoke grenade (unless in an emergency situation) and there must be an OC within eyesight before you can use a cold burn smoke grenade. Even though they burn “cold”, the outside of the canister does get hot and could burn someone if touched. Police your own smoke grenades please.

Grenades may be used at the event as long as they are non-flame based and of an OC approved design. Grenades that expel BBs OR produces any sound effect automatically inflict a hit on anyone within a 10 feet radius and a visual line of sight but anyone further than 10 feet may still be affected if they are struck by an expelled BB strike from the grenade. Hard barriers such as bunkers, walls, and rubble piles will stop the blast from hitting a target but soft barriers such as cloth or light brush will not stop the blast from hitting a target. You cannot modify Grenades to expel BBs if they are not safely designed to do so; make sure all grenades are approved by an OC!

***NEW FOR 2017: Grenades will continue with the "if it goes off and you are within 10 feet, you are hit/wounded" effect but an added effect of also being hit/wounded if the grenade propels BBs outside of the 10 foot radius and they hit you.

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Force Uniforms/Markings/Teams/PMCs

Click on the following links to view the full description and uniform requirements for each team in the game.

The REF forces will have TAN BASED UNIFORMS and will wear BLUE ARMBANDS.

The MEA forces will have GREEN BASED UNIFORMS and will wear GREEN ARMBANDS.

Private Contractor Groups
Each team will be composed of the main army forces and then also a 10-15 man PMC group. This group has either volunteered ahead of time or will be hand selected by the Force Commander of each side and will be given more difficult and sensitive missions to complete. The groups will have to work in tandem with the main force bodies to gain more victory points, gather intel, or assist in objectives from the Force Commander. PMC members will be marked with BLACK tape to help identify them on the battlefield.

Both sides must adhere to their uniform requirements. Headgear, shirt, and pants must match the same base color of your faction (green or tan). You may wear 3 different camo patterns if you wish, as long as all 3 are your factions base color.  Do not wear any black, grey, blue, acu, or abu. Gear color does not matter. Any “rain gear” MUST match the base color of your team as well.

Game staff will have final decision on any and all uniform issues. Prepare to be taped for your side if your camo does not fit your team's regulations. Whether you are completely out of regulation and willing to accept a war crime for it, or your camo can be construed as otherwise, you will be taped. Example: Some multicams look more GREEN than they do TAN depending on the manufacturer. Or perhaps you have washed them too many times and they have faded (such as atacs fg after fading looks to be atacs AU). In this instance you will be taped to fit in with your team, but you will not be penalized as its intent is a proper camo for your side.

Wear the proper color for your side, and stay in uniform! Any questions may be directed to the staff ahead of time at vigilanceairsoft@gmail.com.


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Event & Field Rules / Boundaries

All players are expected to follow the rules of the game and the rules of the field the event is held at. Please use common sense when it comes to the rules; don’t climb trees, get into fistfights, cheat (hit calling), or put yourself or others in a dangerous situation. Improvised weapons are NOT ALLOWED unless inspected and approved by an event coordinator. All players are required to carry and expected to use a kill rag (extras may be available onsite). All players will be required to wear the team uniform in the appropriate way that is chosen for the event.

During this event, both land bridges are going to be opened up to game play. There are no longer any restricted zones on the playing field. There are also new bridges through the swamp that can be walked as well, so the boundaries to the swamp are no longer relevant. Players should still refrain from going in the swamp deeper than the depth of their boots; this is for safety as some areas of the swamp sink much quicker and players can get stuck.

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Night Game Rules

Players who participate in the night game on Saturday (the scenario from 7pm to 10pm) must follow a slightly different set of rules.

  • Players MUST have a red/orange LED light or glowstick (not provided) that they can use as a night time kill marker or they must shine a light through their red cloth kill rag to make a red light.
  • Semi-Auto only! Players cannot shoot full-auto at night, if your weapon cannot sustain semi-auto single shot fire, it may not be used. No controlled bursts allowed.
  • Players do not have to wait to respawn during the night game. They simply return to their respawn point (usually a flag or force marker, marked with glow sticks) and come back in.
  • Grenades and M203 BB shower shells ARE APPROVED for play in the night game.
  • Medics are NOT in play during the night game.
  • LMG/Support weapons CANNOT be used at all during night play.
  • DMR class weapons CANNOT be used at all during night play.
  • Sniper rifle class weapons CANNOT be used at all during night play.
  • NERF launchers of any kind are NOT in play during the night game.

***NEW FOR 2017: Due to safety concerns, controlled bursts during night play are being removed. With the expanded weapon classifications, higher powered options are also not available during night play.

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Eye Safety & Specific Field Rules

There is NO BLIND FIRING allowed at this event. In order to fire your weapon, you must be able to see down the barrel of it. You can't just stick your hand and gun around a corner and fire. You must be able to see the direction you are shooting in order to fire.

Since Op Vig utilizes the castle and tower, players must refrain from shooting anyone under a 45 degree angle from the 2nd and 3rd stories. This will be demonstrated on game day. Players are also not allowed to shoot through cracks in the walls of the castle. Players are also NOT ALLOWED to climb on the outside of the tower or castle walls... only use intended stairs or entryways!

Buildings and walls designed to be solid (tin city, castle, warehouse etc) are considered solid and players cannot shoot through small cracks, holes, or openings. If there is a window, door, or hole large enough for a firing port then shots through that opening at valid. This means that small cracks in building walls, bowed out planks in the castle, and tin city buildings that don't quite go all the way to the floor CANNOT be shot through.

***NOTE: All players that intend to use any high-pressure air systems (HPA guns, like Polar Stars) must have a tournament lock on their weapons system or a way to make the fast-adjustment of their system rendered inert or lockable during the event. This will be checked by OCs and locked/secured at the event. If you have a tournament lock for your system then you are expected to bring it; if you do not, then you must adhere to the method we use to lockout the system (which usually involves a certain way of using tape, ties, and markings).

All players are required to chrono their weapons to ensure the rules are being followed for different weapons. Players will also abide by the Semi-Auto only rule unless they are a SAW or Support weapon.

See graphic below for examples of proper eye protection.
- All players under the age of 18 (15-17) are required to wear a full paintball mask (ANSI Z87.1 lens) or Full Seal Goggles (ANSI Z87.1 lens) along with a mesh or hard face protector in order to play. A retention strap is required to hold the goggles to the players face.
- All players 18 and older are required to wear full seal goggles (ANSI Z87 lens). Players 18 and older are NOT required to wear a full paintball mask or additonal face protection/mask. This is optional for players age 18 and older. A retention strap is required to hold the goggles to the players face.
***NOTE: Safety glasses and wire mesh goggles are NOT ALLOWED at Apocalypse Paintball. Oakley MFrames are allowed as long as they have the helo kit and headstrap.***

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Referees, OCs, Hidden OCs

Referees will be available in the game to answer questions, handle scoring, and to watch for cheaters. All decisions made by a ref are final; do not argue with a referee. Players who are rude or disrespectful to a player or referee will be removed from the event.

Operation Vigilance will utilize hidden OCs.  A hidden OC is a referee that is playing the game with the sole purpose of watching for cheaters. When you blatantly ignore a hit, the teammate standing next to you may just be a hidden OC and will call you on it. Keep it simple and don’t cheat!

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War Crimes

Operation Vigilance will be using war crimes to make sure everyone plays by the rules. War crimes will result in a LOSS OF POINTS for your team, and will come out of the overall total at the end of the game.

War crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Out of uniform regulations (Not matching teams color, improper headgear color. Each player out of reg will have their band marked so they are only counted once)
  • Not following weapon classes and proper engagement distances
  • Using hi caps in tandem with midcaps, or using multiple hi caps (not for lmgs)
  • Not calling hits
  • Yelling at an enemy to “call their hits”
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Violating boundary lines
  • Breaking general field rules
  • Improper eye pro
  • Breaking goggle seal on field
  • Unapproved medical arm bands (tape, white cloth, bandage too short)
  • Tied medical wraps (not wrapped and tucked)
  • Moving props you shouldnt be
  • Destroying props
  • etc.

The list goes on but in short, if you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing, you will lose your side points as a result of a war crime. Serious violations will not only count as a loss of points for your team but may result in a strike, or ejection for the player. Vigilance staff reserves the right to eject players from the game with no refund for repetitive rule neglect, or if the circumstance is an extreme violation.

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Charity Info

Operation Vigilance 12 is an event that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity. Each player that pays an entry fee will be helping this charity (and the first 100 players receive a limited edition Operation Vigilance 10 kill rag). The charity for this event is the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Proceeds from this event will be donated to www.iava.org

As of the end of Op Vig 11 in 2016, over $3200 has been generated for the IAVA since the beginning of the Op Vig series.

There may be a few additional Operation Vigilance kill rags available at this event. They are $5 each and with each purchase of a printed kill rag the player gets an additional giveaway ticket (limit one additional giveaway ticket per registered player) for the prize giveaway.

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Prize Giveaway

Several sponsors of the event have donated guns, equipment, and accessories to be given out during the giveaway. Players must be present to win and must present their winning ticket before receiving any prize… so don’t lose your ticket!

Players who purchase a limited edition Operation Vigilance kill rags will receive an extra giveaway ticket (limit one additional giveaway ticket per registered player).

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Damage Control has confirmed that they will be onsite as a vendor to sell items to the players attending the event.

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Rental Guns

Apocalypse Paintball is a KWA dealer and has numerous AEGs (with batteries, BBs, and magazines) on hand for rental and sale. Call Apocalypse Paintball directly for details; the handling of gun rentals is NOT handled through the event staff/organizers.

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